What do we learn from the “Niger Delta Blues” song?

Task 1 

Niger Delta Blues” is a song from a group called BANTU (Crew).  The group started as four people in Germany and now consist of 13 people, 11 men and two women. You can read more about the crew here.

“Fellow countrymen & women
We have gathered here to protest the environmental devastation
Caused by the oil industry in the Niger Delta
The inhumane conditions under which our people are forced to live Is a constant reminder that we do not belong to the artificial entity called Nigeria
There are no schools, medical clinics or social services in most of our villages, no electricity, no clean drinking water
Malaria, typhoid and cholera
Are a given in this tropical disease epic center”

This part of the song shows how the people from Niger Delta has it, after the oil industry in their area have ruined the enviormment.  They live in inhumane conditions. Most villiages has no no clean drinking water, no electricity, no schools, no medical clinics, no social clinics and many diseases. They feel like they don’t belong in the country anymore. They feel like they are not a part of Nigeria.  They’re not being heard, no matter how hard they try.  People are dying and,  yet they’re still not heard.

Below is a picture that shows the area of Niger Delta:

Bilderesultat for niger delta region of nigeria
Picture Link

“Twenty years after the Ogoni Nine
The blues of the Niger Delta has now become the blues of Nigeria
Yours and mine
We sing in unison to the melodies of pain, deceit and shame”

In the second verse, the quote above, we get to know that this problem is not just for the Niger Delta era, but also the whole Nigeria. What used to be just relevant for the era, is also relevant for the whole country. 

“Broken and pained we have learnt the hard way
That disaster-capitalism was invented
Only to protect its own”

“All hail the shoeless, clueless
For the one-eyed has been crowned king
His entourage of militants, neo-liberals and fanatics
Perfectly positioned on the side wings”

Later in the second verse we get to see how the govermment have cursed the country, and how little the people like him.  The people have struggled and learnt the hard way, that their leader and capitalism, isn’t as good as they origanlly thought





You can listen to the song here.

The lyrics to the song.

The link to know more about the BANTU (Crew) 

The task ,I did number 1 opition 2.


-Camilla ❤





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