Gran Torino- After watching the film.

After we watched the film “Gran Torino” In class, we were assigned to answer two ,out of five, questions on our blog. Here’s a link to the questions.  I wil quote the question before my answer, so it’s not necessary to click on the link. The link is there just in case you were curious what the other three questions were.

Here is the first question I chose to answer:

“2. How do we see oppression of the Hmong people in this film? What has the film taught you about the Hmong people in the USA?”

We can see that the Hmong people are oppressed by the main character, at fisrst, because of the way he speaks to them, and the way he behaves around them. He says false fact about them and don’t even bother to get to know them. After a while he learns the hard way how the Hmong people are like.

Some of the things that I learnt is that, they’re mountain people, from various places of Asia, like Vietnam, China and Thailand. It is considered rude and uncomfortable for some, to be looked straight in the eye, in their culture, and after they came to America it was normal for girls to go to school and boys to get in jail or join gangs.

Here is the second question:

” 5. Do you agree with this summary of the film? Why/why not? Use examples from the film in your answer.”

“Gran Torino’s rich portrayal of cultural diversity and genuine dialogue combine to tell a noble story of how human relationships can evolve across cultural boundaries and lead to valuable personal realizations and fulfillment – even in the most trying circumstances.”

I agree whit this summary. The film shows that people can change, even those you wouldn’t have thought could. An example of a person like that is the main character in the movie, Walt. He and his neighbors are from different cultures, and he later on learns how to accept it.  He makes friends whit them which later on result to a better him.






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