The Reluctant Fundamentalist – After the Movie

After we have just watched the movie, “The Reluctant Fundamentalist”, I ended up with mixed feelings on the movie. A part of me liked it, almost loved it, but a part of me also didn’t like it. I liked how they tell Changez’s story in the same way as the book. They start in present time and tell what happened in the past until now, in retrospective. I like how they change the plot a bit and made the present more understandable. I liked, as well, how they made the American more of a character more than in the book. What I don’t like is, how they change some of the characters, or how they presented some of the characters, like Jim.  In the book Jim seems more like an understandable and a nice person. In the movie however, he is presented, in my opinion, more of a meaner guy than the book. I also didn’t like how the time line was presented in the movie. In the book every chapter seems to have a meaning in the future, and the timeline made sense. As I wrote earlier, that’s not the case in the movie. It feels like everything is rushed and only some part had a meaning, the rest felt like fillers to make the story longer. Over all I still like the movie. It shows how certain people can change their mind and their point of view on the world just because of an event that happened. It also shows how easy people are to judge, to draw a conclusion when it comes to people from a different part of the world or a different religion. But it also show how alike every one are, and that we all can make it in the world.

If you want to know more about the movie you can read and watch the trailer here.





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